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Childcare Center Business Offerings

Childcare centers are a complex business to run for even seasoned operators. Business of Childcare provides tools and services focused on solving real-time business challenges related to childcare center business operations.

"It is just so geared to everything I needed in the childcare business. I haven’t seen anything else like this – you can’t have quality in a classroom if you don’t have quality top down."

- Tina S., Childcare Business Owner

Our Childcare Business Support Services

Our team of childcare business experts can help childcare center owners and operators through challenges from start-up to staffing. Highlighted below are some of the areas for which we can provide technical assistance:

childcare business startup help

Start Up Planning

Having a partner as you start your new childcare business helps you get a better start. We offer start-up modeling and strategy guidance.

daycare child enrollment


Enrollment is key to success in all childcare businesses. We can help you build a strategy that works for your desired outcomes.

business outcomes

Business Outcomes

It’s important to be intentional about your business outcomes. We can help you identify and set the goals that are important to you!



We make business concepts “Easy as 1-2-3” so you can run your business and stay focused on doing what you love.



The space you use for your childcare business is the foundation of your program. Whether you need new space or are looking to better use your existing space, we have tools and partners to help.


Our staff brings our child care program to life and is the face of our program to children and families. We have support and resources to help with every stage of the staffing process.

Managing Expenses

Every business decision you make has an impact. Our advisors can help you identify opportunities for impactful expense decisions that can save you money.

Crisis Management

Crisis Support

Sometimes our business is faced with a situation that we aren’t experienced in or confident about. Our team can help you diagnose your challenge and work through some potential approaches or solutions.

Special Offerings

Childcare Staffing Crisis 101

Staffing challenges are a critical issue today. It is especially true in the childcare industry where our value perception to the customer is low but the demands on the employees are high. It’s time to take action on your most valuable resource.

This session includes: 

online learning

Online Concept Learn & Review

Guided Exercises & Worksheets

virtual event

Virtual Live Event


Final Summary Report

One recent example of success is working through a process to help a childcare center in Minnesota stabilize their staffing by increasing lead teacher wages by 71%, but only needing to increase tuition by 10%.

Childcare Center Business Strategy Model

This is a great solution to support childcare center business owners and operators in understanding the basic business components needed for their organization’s success. This offering incorporates current business review & collaborative assessment plus a reimagined business model for the future.

This session includes:

  • “What’s Your Number?” Understanding your Business Goals
  • “Creating an Operational Model that Works for You”
  • “Expenses for Your Childcare Center”
  • “Basics of a Childcare Center Staffing Plan”
  • “Building a Revenue Model: Childcare Centers”
  • “Getting the Right Customers”
  • “How to be Proactive about Managing Risk for your Business”
online learning

Online Concept Learn & Review

Guided Exercises & Worksheets

one on one consultation

1:1 Business Consultation


Final Summary Report


Certificate of Completion

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Join Us to Advance Childcare!

At Business of Childcare, we aim to guide childcare businesses to better outcomes through expert support. We welcome experienced professionals to join our network as independent consultants focused on the business side of childcare.

For Childcare Center Operators & Family Childcare Providers

Share your expertise while earning extra income. If you’re an active childcare operator looking for flexible projects, become a consultant leveraging your knowledge to help other providers in your community.

Benefits include:

With hands-on experience running a childcare program, you have valuable insights to help other providers succeed. As a consultant, you can play a key role in improving childcare, on your own terms.

For Childcare Industry Service Providers & Consultants

Join our network to focus on service while we provide systems/support. If you enjoy helping childcare businesses thrive, partner with us to enhance your practice.

Benefits include:

By partnering with us, you can focus on delivering high-quality services while benefiting from our infrastructure and process expertise. Let us handle the back-end so you can focus on your consulting strengths.

Together, We Can Advance Childcare Businesses

If you’re dedicated to the business side of childcare, let’s connect. We’d love to explore flexible, rewarding consulting opportunities to support this meaningful work.

Contact us today to get involved!

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