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We Help Communities Unlock Economic Opportunity Through Childcare

Business of Childcare helps communities understand the economic impact of their childcare investment. Childcare is an economic multiplier, boosting labor force participation, which allows communities to begin realizing their economic potential.

Business of Childcare can work with you to understand your current childcare landscape as well as develop and implement a plan of action to benefit the community, families and businesses that support them.

How We Help Communities Build Stronger Childcare


Your Impact

Understanding your current and future needs, as well as how childcare impacts economic growth in your region is often the first step to developing a plan to move forward. Business of Childcare offers a free Economic Impact Report specific to your community.

Let us help you develop a plan for your community

Your Plan

Using our Whole Community Approach, we help bring together beneficiaries of childcare to understand opportunities for better outcomes.  We then create an action plan that a community can be confident to act on.

Your Plan

Some communities already have a plan but need help to make it happen.  Business of Childcare is a trusted partner to help implement community plans that support existing providers and create new capacity.

Attend a Services & Solutions Virtual Session

We invite you to our upcoming Services & Solutions Session where you’ll learn all about Business of Childcare. Discover our mission, the services we offer, and how we can support your community’s childcare needs. We’ll also explain the next steps to partner with us about your specific community’s needs. This is an excellent opportunity for professionals to explore impactful ways to enhance local childcare capacity and drive economic growth.

Next Session: July 24, 2024 from 2:15 - 3PM CDT

strategy session
“Jeff and his team at Business of Childcare provided the piece of the puzzle we were missing when we began to address the childcare crisis in our area. They provided the staffing we needed to bring stakeholders on board, and the expertise required to assist prospective childcare business owners."
– Laurrie Minor, Director, Sullivan Chamber of Commerce, Moultrie County, Ill.

Find Specific Resources for Your Childcare Business

News from Business of Childcare

Join us in celebrating our 3 year anniversary this month!

More Insights From Founder Jeff Andrews

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This episode of Real Talk covers navigating complexities in building upgrades, unveiling hidden costs, compliance hurdles and more.

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Join Us to Advance Childcare!

At Business of Childcare, we aim to guide childcare businesses to better outcomes through expert support. We welcome experienced professionals to join our network as independent consultants focused on the business side of childcare.

For Childcare Center Operators & Family Childcare Providers

Share your expertise while earning extra income. If you’re an active childcare operator looking for flexible projects, become a consultant leveraging your knowledge to help other providers in your community.

Benefits include:

With hands-on experience running a childcare program, you have valuable insights to help other providers succeed. As a consultant, you can play a key role in improving childcare, on your own terms.

For Childcare Industry Service Providers & Consultants

Join our network to focus on service while we provide systems/support. If you enjoy helping childcare businesses thrive, partner with us to enhance your practice.

Benefits include:

By partnering with us, you can focus on delivering high-quality services while benefiting from our infrastructure and process expertise. Let us handle the back-end so you can focus on your consulting strengths.

Together, We Can Advance Childcare Businesses

If you’re dedicated to the business side of childcare, let’s connect. We’d love to explore flexible, rewarding consulting opportunities to support this meaningful work.

Contact us today to get involved!

Join Our Work